Only Sane Man
Hi. Welcome to Aperture Science. Earth 1 if you came from the multiverse device. I'm Greg, assistant to the CEO Cave Johnson. Try not to mess around too much without supervision. Some of the stuff here isn't exactly up to safety standards.

[[RP blog for Greg from the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative. Check the links for more info. A lot of this is based in headcanon.]]

-Another Aperture in shambles. Just how many versions had fallen into disrepair like this? It was disappointing to see the company in such bad shape. Getting sent to explore (aka steal ideas and/or technology from) other universes while Bendy was busy testing the new chambers had been a bad idea to begin with, but the more Greg walked through the halls the more eerie the place got. Was there anyone here at all?

The echoes of footsteps made him pause. Not his own. One person based on how it sounded. He remained frozen on the spot, deciding whether or not to follow. Could be dangerous. Oh of course it was going to be dangerous, this was Aperture after all. Home of anything but safe science. So why not follow? More echoes were added as his own footsteps crossed the hall toward the sound.-